About Us

At Swinson Chiropractic & Total Health Center, we view each patient as an individual who is deserving of personalized attention and treatment. Our chiropractor addresses a variety of health care issues and conditions including spinal adjustment, lifestyle and nutrition, neuropathy, and more. We offer treatment equipment at our office in Ocala, FL, to deliver optimal results and resolve chronic issues so you can be free from pain and feel good about yourself. 

Our Patients are Our Number One Priority

We want you to have the best experience possible when you come for your appointment to see our chiropractor. Our office is friendly and welcoming, and we want to make you feel that you're more than a name on a chart. The staff at our center are trained in chiropractic techniques and procedures to provide treatment according to current understanding and application. 

Delivering the best possible patient care is something we strive to achieve in order to help you feel your best. Our chiropractor takes you seriously as you discuss your problems and uses that information to determine the source of your issue. This enables him to provide you with the right approach to your issue, and to create a treatment plan that works towards resolving the issue for good. 

Treatment for Neuropathy 

Our chiropractor provides treatment for neuropathy, a condition that can be difficult to resolve through traditional medical treatment. Dr. Swinson uses treatments such as acupuncture, therapeutic massage, chiropractic adjustments, and other complementary treatments to help improve blood flow to the affected area. 

Spinal Manipulation for Scoliosis

Chiropractic treatment for scoliosis is a non-surgical alternative to correcting an abnormal curve in the spine. Our chiropractor uses adjustment techniques that are appropriate to your presentation. It's not unusual for a patient to experience pain relief after their initial treatment. 

We Offer Whole Body Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is just the beginning of helping you feel better. Our chiropractor, Dr. Douglas Swinson, brings together nutrition and lifestyle advice and chiropractic treatment to help you live your best life. Together, you and Dr. Swinson examine your current activities and lifestyle to find areas that can benefit from a change in direction. Dr. Swinson shows you how you can make small changes that deliver results without making an extraordinary effort. 

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Give us a call at our clinic in Ocala, FL, today to set up an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Swinson. You can discuss your ongoing problems with Dr. Swinson and start on a pathway to a pain-free future as well as living a healthier life. Call us at (352) 840-0444 Swinson Chiropractic and Total Health Today in Ocala, FL.